Monday, December 10, 2012

Wintersun - December 8th @ the WECC

First of all, I would like to thank Ruben from Union Events- you helped me immensely at the show, and I feel I owe you a sandwich. Moving swiftly forward! I knew for a few weeks at least, that I would be speaking with Wintersun. However, I did not appreciate the magnitude of how insanely awesome it would be. Talking to Jahri and possibly the other members of the band- including Kai, whom is a Finnish legend in his own right, was going to be delightful. It wasn't until I was actually making my why to the gig that I started to genuinely be nervous. I've never really been nervous to hang out with a band before- not Iced Earth, not Havok, nor Devin Townsend... Meeting the person who masterminded Wintersun really made me gittery- giddy and jittery. Would Jahri and the others be shiny, or have an aura around them? Well, kind of. More an aura of grace and professionalism, but a sense of fun at the same time. Really though, they were exceptionally cool guys. I mean, really down to earth, and in it for the fans and the music.

Anyone who saw Wintersun could easily tell they were tight, well put together and loved connecting to the audience. They really appreciate the crowd's energy and brought anything they could to help us enjoy their performance. Everyone went bat-shit-holy-fuck-euphoria-ca-razy. It was the kind of concert and performance that you really found a sense of community and love, mixed with genuine respect for the musicians. Everyone who was there adores Wintersun. I don't think I saw anyone whom I thought had never heard their stuff, and wasn't there for their set. But Eluveitie is still pretty stellar. Herdigerdi, anyone?

The crowd was all very friendly, and an unusual one from the one I usually see, but it's refreshing. Now for shameful cross-promotion! So my cohort and I totally interviewed Jahri and Jukka, as well as Anna the Herdigerdi player from Eluveitie and Kriegel. By the way, there are half a billion people in Eluveitie. Anyhow, these interviews will be run on Radio Active Metal- which I have taken a hiatus from co-hosting, but Snowy and Roch are simply awesome guys. So eventually the interviews and the show featuring them will be on the internet FOREVER! The interviews themselves were pretty interesting- especially with Jukka the bassist. It was his dream to be in Wintersun, and he really fits the bill, and his moose hat is almost as cute as my owl hat.


View the full-ish album here! More to come as I deem one of the six hundred or so pictures as worthy...

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