Saturday, November 8, 2014

Carnival of Death featuring Kataklysm, Suffocation and Jungle Rot October 29th, 2014

We'll keep this short and sweet, only because I'm going to be swamped with how amazing Kreator will be/has been on Saturday!

So I finally saw Kataklysm, another amazing Canadian Metal staple in the extreme metal genre. Unfortunately I had to miss the first two bands, Pyrexia and Internal Bleeding, but they'll be 'round again. Jungle Rot is one of my favourite acts to see because they never disappoint, however they always seem have complaints about how the venue is. Last visit it was the lights were messing with them, this time one of the lights was surprisingly low hung and their very tall guitarist with the amazing hair complained of being unable to headbang properly. Poor dude and poor me. Guy's like... the best person to take pictures of. Anyhow, Jungle Rot are always a blast to see and take pictures of because they're so expressive with their on stage performance in terms of their grimaces and headbanging. They are just consistently awesome.
Is dat sum Jungle R0T?!

Suffocation... oh Suffocation. Those guys are real pros, but it was with grief that I write that Frank was not present. This was solely due to him wanting (and needing) to keep his job because he already used up all his vacation days to go on tour in Europe. Of course he also wanted to be with his family, but the job and supporting a family thing is pretty important too. Being on the road is a tough life- fun, but tough. A little birdy told me that's why not too many people showed up at this otherwise killer line-up. Sad day for Ninjacat. Regardless of the talent that lies with the rest of the band, Frank is frankly (aha!) the heart and soul of Suffocation. The giddy, child-like turbo-chopping-tongue-wagging-dance-a-licious Frank is just not to be missed or replaced. Maybe next time, eh folks? Pretty good fucking incentive to buy their albums now, isn't it?

Ah, Kataklysm. Gotta be totally honest, I have never really been that in to them, but I did enjoy their live performance. They are true crowd pleasers. I think they even took a request from some guy, just on a whim. Now that is a credible crowd-loving band. They apparently played a lot of gems from their repertoire and everyone went bonkers. It was a real treat to see such a nice pit happening in the Zoo. Thanks for that, dear reader, because I know you were likely one of those sweaty messes.

So without further a-do, I give you... the pictures....


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